As Worn By The Clash

The Clash are my favorite punk band and I spent a good part of my misspent youth listening to their music and attending their live shows. I was even fortunate enough to have met the band and get to know them. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the “As Worn By” collection on the official Clash website.

The capsule consists of replica t-shirts and Harrington Jackets that were worn by the Clash in the 80s. While it is casual, this is not your standard “merch”. Style was important to the band. The historical context is what makes it compelling. The “Entertainment 1981” Tee was worn by the band during the “Impossible Mission Tour” in 1981, the “Bond’s Star 1981 Tee” was worn during band’s residency at the Bond International Casino in NYC from May to June 1981, the “Clash Control 1982 Tee” in olive has the singular distinction of having been worn by the band’s head of security, Ray Jordan during the “Combat Rock” tour in 1982. I remember Ray quite well. He was exactly the kind of imposing figure you’d want for security but he could also be a pussycat. One time I somehow managed to talk my way into a Clash rehearsal. Terrified of being kicked out, I felt Ray’s cold stare on me while I tried to focus on my incredible luck in getting to see the band perform in such an intimate setting, just the Clash and a few hangers on. When I turned to check his mood, he broke into a wide grin. I knew I was gonna be all right and settled into the couch while a spliff was passed around. The “Casbah Club 1982 Tee” was worn by the band on the Casbah Club USA & UK Tours in 1982. All tees retail for $34. Rounding out the collection is the official Harrington tour jacket from the “16 Tons” tour for $86. If you were there, this collection will definitely take you back. And if not, you could do worse than dressing like “the only band that matters”.

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